Aug 11, 2015

Back in the USA, which feels like a "man's world"

... Back in the US after living in Indonesia for two years.  Yes, going throug "culture shock."  For instance, went to the movies yesterday.  Granted we saw "Mission Impossible:  Rogue Nation," and granted that Rebecca Ferguson kicked butt.  But other than her, women were almost entirely absent from the movie.  They seemed to be entirely absent in the movie previews that preceded the feature.  Such poor representation begs poor questions: has the US has experienced a demographic shift such that women have disappeared from the country?  Or is this one more example of the absence of women from the Public Sphere?  Apropos which, check out Mary Beard's excellent address:

Mar 12, 2015

"Doers and Done For" finally out!

Clearly I'm not too good at blogging regularly.  I compose many posts in my head.  Alas, most don't  make it to the page or the screen.  Ditto with respect to many of my intellectual and research concerns.  But I did put some of my key positions on "useful research" on paper.  They are finally in print.  Please check out my piece and those of my colleagues.