Aug 26, 2009

What I did in 2009 while on sabbatical

Spring 2009: As a Fulbright Indo-American Environmental Leadership Program fellow in India, I gave five presentations on my research on the raced and gendered dimensions of environmental conservation and economic development. The most significant were at: the Institute for Social and Economic Change, Bangalore; the Shri Sharada Ashram’s Education Program for Women, Ulundurpet, Tamil Nadu; the Fulbright Conference Kolkata, West Bengal, the Center for Studies in Science Policy, JNU, New Delhi; and the Institute for Rural Management, Anand, Gujarat.

June 11-14 2009. “The Trajectory of post-1990s Black Social Movements in Colombia.” Paper Presented at the XXVIII International Congress of the Latin American Studies Association (LASA). Rio de Janeiro, Brazil.

August 4-6, 2009. “Ethnic and Racial Movements in Latin America.” Invited panelist at the International Conference Civil Society and Post-Colonialism: A debate about paradigms to understand Latin America. Minas Gerais Federal University, Belo Horizonte, Brazil.