Mar 19, 2019

is just out! Get free access to it, including to my chapter "Fieldwork"!

Dec 27, 2017

Some of my recent publications include:  Thinking Fragments: Adisciplinary reflections on Feminism and Environmental Justice   Check out the other amazing pieces in the special issue on Science out of Feminist Theory

I also have a lead piece entitled Spivak and Rivera Cusicanqui on the Dilemmas of Representation in Postcolonial and Decolonial Feminisms in a special issue of Feminist Studies 2018, vol 43, number 3 on Decolonial and Postcolonial Approaches: A Dialogue.  This special issue provokes a conversation between decolonial and postcolonial feminisms by asking what they are, how they speak about each other, and how they can speak to each other. Read together, the articles engage and sometimes trouble the temporal and spatial distinctions drawn between decolonial and postcolonial approaches. Our hope is to offer intellectual resources, through reviews of recent literature as well as summaries of both approaches, to recognize how both these formations build on similar ground. We also wanted to revisit critical insights that continue to be relevant to critiquing colonial knowledge formation. The issue also features Aimee Carillo Rowe, Amy Piedalue and Susmita Rishi, Breny Mendoza, Emily Zhang, Hyunji Kwon, Jennifer Hamilton, Banu Subramaniam and Angela Willey, Megan Kaminski, Patricia Schechter, Paulla Ebron and Anna Tsing, Raina León, Sandra Harding, Tiara Na’puti and Judy Rohrer, with a preface by Priti Ramamurthy and Ashwini Tambe. Read it at

Mar 17, 2017

Spivak, G. C.  WHAT IS TO BE DONE? Tidal: Occupy Street, Occupy Strategy, Frontier 44(31) Feb 12-18, 2012

Spivak's essay on Occupy Street, Occupy Strategy is more than relevant at this moment.