Mar 19, 2020

Yes COVID19 is on my mind like on everyone else's.  This crisis is just making visible the underlying crises of our world today, and the need to work for social and environmental justice.  More about that soon I hope.  But in the meantime, two keys things:  PLEASE stay home if you are not already doing so, and encourage others to do so:

Keep informed but also establish a routine so that you can prepare for the long haul. Below is what I made last week based on my partner Robert Redick's excellent and funny schedule (check his out on his FB page:  Use it and modify it for yourself. And see this for context:  Don't confuse the schedules for "productivity porn."  Use them to process how you feel and what you do during this crisis.  We all have different processes - honor yours.

Feb 3, 2020

Radical Geography for a Resurgent Left

I am so proud and honored to be part of the Editorial Collective of Antipode: A Journal of Radical Geography.  See the Collective's editorial statement